Forest Fire

FOREST FIRE! Rounds interrupted by a panicky and out of breath Peri Dhanam to tell me that there was a fire in the bamboo forest next to the hospital and it was spreading towards my house! Accompanied by Gee, many staff , nurses and patients’ attenders we went to battle the searing flames(forgive the exaggeration […]


ELEPHANTS! The fires used  to drive them away.   At 11 PM exactly while sitting in the ward and writing discharge summaries ! After having spent a whole day hearing rumors about them being around Tha’s house and other villages they turn up right near the junction of the three roads ahead of the hospital(downtown […]

The March 12th training program for the Vellimali Health Auxiliaries

A wake up call at 5:30 am to be informed by Ravi that I was late and the training group was already waiting for me(the fact that I was told that we were leaving at 6 did not seem to impress him). A quick sub zero shower was all that I needed to jolt me […]

THI Newsletter – January 2013

This year THI continues to grow with the addition of a new mental health out-patient service, a new nursing training programme, a programme to revive traditional breeds of cattle and a new tailoring unit for Porgai. Find out about all this and more by downloading our latest newsletter.

THI Annual Report 2011-2012

The past year has seen THI grow in many directions. We have increased the number of people participating in our organic farming and craft initiatives. Our hospital has expanded thanks to the addition of three more doctors and generous support from the government’s TNHSP project. Up in the Kalrayan Hills, the training of new Health Auxiliaries […]

THI Newsletter – December 2011

The past year has seen a lot of changes at THI. On the health care front, training of health auxiliaries based in the village and health workers at our base hospital continues. The hospital equipment received much needed up gradation. Our scheme for geriatric patients continues to grow and we have had to rethink our […]

THI featured on IBN Live

Tribal Health Initiative was featured on the Real Heros program at IBN Live. You can watch the video below or at this link:

THI Annual Report 2010-2011

We have had another fantastic year at THI, all of course thanks to all your support and constant encouragement. We are now able to provide free in-patient care to tribals, thanks to a collaboration with the Tamil Nadu government. The Porgai products carry the Craftmark certification now, adding much value to the range we offer. […]

The Morning after the Revelry

The whole of the village seemed to take its time waking up the morning after the festival. In a place where 9 pm is just about the right time to clean up after dinner and go to sleep, the night’s revelry must have tired them out. The loudspeakers had blared on all night long. We […]

A Tribal Festival in the Valley

I am often hounding Murugan or someone else to tell me something that is ‘tribal’ about the tribals in the Sittilingi Valley. It is a question I get asked often as well. But mostly, I am disappointed that there isn’t anything that makes them very tribal. At least not in the way most of us […]