Consultations, lab tests and medicines for tribals – Free of cost!! You made it happen.. Read on to know how..

Dear Friend,

Healthcare in our cities & towns are easy to access, expensive, but accessible.  Our experience of  working with the tribals in and around the 33 villages of make us realise the need and importance of Health care that the urban folks take for granted.

Tribal Health Initiative (THI)  last year, on 15th May 2016 had a small team running in the TCS World 10k to raise awareness and support our work at the base hospital and in the communities.

We were able to raise Rs 15.6 lakh in TCS World 10k Bengaluru 2016 with your support !!!

Along with other donations we were able to give free and/ or huge concessions to a total of 9398 patients for treatments worth Rs 24.30 lakh

We started for the tribals:

  1. Antenatal free clinics – all consultations, medicines and lab tests
  2. All  new birth deliveries at Rs 3000/- , irrespective of the treatment range
  3. Provided farmer health insurance at Rs 300/- a year
  4. Full course of TB drugs for 6 months at Rs. 500/-

    Read on the stories, just a couple of the 9398 stories we have…..

    Indrani, a widowed mother of 2 small girls, was admitted with poisoning and went into respiratory arrest soon after. She had to be ventilated for 8 days before she could breathe independently. She recovered, is healthy and a bit wiser!!. Her family was too poor to take her elsewhere for treatment”

    “Annamalai, came from a remote village to our hospital. We diagnosed a ruptured liver abscess, and since our surgeon was on leave referred him to Salem Medical College to get operated. They refused saying it is too dangerous. The private hospitals demanded 50K advance, Govindan, his son ran all over trying to get it, tried to pawn jewels (nobody accepted). So after a few days So after a few days, Annamalai is back to our ICU, a chest tube and an abdominal drain has relieved him temporarily.

    Now Annamalai, is well on his way to recovery. All tubes from the abdomen and chest have been removed. He is walking, talking and on normal diet”

    Each of the 9000+ we supported with your help last year has a story to tell. All of us at THI & the patients treated can never convey how you have changed our lives through these words, but ‘Thank you’

    You can donate here!!

    But like you all know medical emergencies never give advance notice! So the small team at THI is back in the 2017 edition of TCS World 10k Bengaluru happening on 21st May. Our target is to raise Rs 20 lakh, which needs your support, you know us, now please help reach your networks and together we get to our target.

    We invite you to join us in reaching this target, just Rs 20 lakh, remember it’s for our ‘Emergency Health’ fund.


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