Eye camp with Sankara Coimbatore and Nayanajyothi

Sankara eye camp April2012 2

THI with Sankara Eye Foundation -Coimbatore and Nayanajyoti -Bangalore hosted an eye camp on the 30th of April. Patients with eye disorders were screened and surgeries for cataracts and such will be performed at Sankara Coimbatore.


The eye camp turned out to be far more popular than we predicted and we were handling a total of 405 patients! With division of labour and a dedicated team we were able to manage all the patients with no hassle and select close to 70 patients for surgery! The team from Sankara was extremely efficient and managed to examine and evaluate all the patients in record time. More than 150 were fitted with spectacles sponsored by the Nayanajyoti trust. All the patients selected for surgery were taken the same day to Sankara Coimbatore and we bid them farewell on the bus hired for their transport(after comforting a lot of groundless fears). Sankara magnanimously offered to transport, operate and feed our patients for the length of their stay at no charge. Hope to see them back in a few days with a 6/6 visual acuity.



Sankara eye camp April2012

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