Appeal for donations for new operation theatre

We are seeking to expand our surgical facilities and we need your help.

For the last 15 years our hospital has been the only secondary level surgical center in the Sittilingi Valley.  With the addition of Dr. Ravi, a specialist in rural surgery, we have been able to expand the services we offer. We have also been collaborating with the government to offer free surgery to all tribal patients. To accomplish all this we need a new operation theatre as well as more beds in our surgical ward.

Our budget is:
Operation Theatre and support beds – Rs. 15,00,000 [@Rs 1500/ sq ft]
Equipment for OT and beds – Rs. 5,00,000

Please visit our Donate Page to find out how you can make a contribution.

Please also read the THI appeal for new OT and circulate it to your friends and family. 

THI appeal for new OT

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