THI Annual Report 2012-2013


This year we have seen a dramatic increase in the types of speciality services offered by the Tribal Hospital, especially in the field of surgery. The addition of Dr. Ravikumar, our versatile new surgeon has allowed us to take on more complex cases, including surgeries on babies for congenital pyloric stenosis.  Substantial progress  has also been made with the health auxiliary training programs in the Sittilingi Valley and Kalrayan Hills, as well as with our mental health and geriatric care programs.

We our also pleased to report that both the Sittilingi Organic Farming Association  (SOFA) and  Porgai, our Lambadi craft collective, are doing extremely well. SOFA has rolled out a new initiative to revive traditional breeds of cattle. We have also witnessed the birth of the the Sittilingi Youth Club, which emerged from our initiative to organize for a plastics- free Sittilingi valley.

Download the full report here.

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