Other health programmes

Other health programmes

Outreach Clinics: We run a weekly outreach clinic in the Kalrayan Hills in Aruna village. These are far-flung areas without any hospital in close vicinity and especially useful to follow-up patients post-surgery and for chronic diseases. The clinics have all the medicines and also a primary lab for investigations, so that pre-surgical workups can be done there without the patient coming down to the Base Hospital.

Old Age Insurance: For a small sum of Rs. 100/- per year we offer health insurance to all tribal elders above 60 years of age. We have about 500 persons registering every year and it is a great boon for the elderly as they can walk into the hospital any time they feel ill. We run a special OP for them on Wednesdays. We also visit their villages once in 6 weeks where medicines are dispensed to those in need.

School Health Program: All schools in villages in the Sittilingi Valley where there is no bus transport, are visited by our Health Workers and health education classes are taken for the children. Starting from cleanliness andshp_email

hygiene, they progress to nutrition, simple diseases and finally adolescent education. It has been a program very enthusiastically taken up by the students and teachers alike.


Hypertension Program:  Changes in lifestyle and food has brought in the scourge of chronic non-communicable diseases to our area too, of which hypertension is the worst. We run a program, where, along with detection and prevention, we also arm the Health Auxiliary in the village with a BP apparatus and knowledge, so that check-ups and medication can be given in the village itself.