Rural Sensitization for Doctors

Rural Sensitization for Doctors

We run two camps every year for challenging young doctors to look at the ”real India” – to truly feel the pulse of the nation. In these camps you will

  • Stay in a tribal area for 3 days
  • See the real India first hand – its people, its dreams, its problems
  • Travel to remote villages and interact with people there
  • Meet resource persons from many fields and learn
  • Make friends with similar aspirations
  • Be part of a movement to make our country better

To know more about these camps have a look here.

If you are a medical teacher who would like your students to get this rare experience, print this poster and put it up on the student notice boards

Interested students/ doctors can send  us an email

Travel Fellowships for those doctors who want to explore more >

Several RSPs later we realized that many young doctors would like to explore this journey towards primary health for a longer time. We have just introduced Travel Fellowships for a year duration from April 2020 onward. A short write up is given here and a more detailed one is given here. And if you are really interested download the application form and send it to Click here for a brochure of the Travel Fellowship 2021