Student electives

Student electives

Tribal Health Initiative welcomes students and young professionals to come and spend time with us. In the past we have had students staying for 4 – 8 weeks in order to fulfill curriculum requirements as well as some who spend time with us during their holidays. We can provide basic accommodation and food for a fee for up to 4 – 6 people at any given time.  Do let us know about your visit well in advance so that we can better plan your stay.

Please note that THI is an integrated community health project that goes much beyond just providing  just medical services. We encourage students to explore all aspects of our various community initiatives. Medical students who come with the intention of only improving their clinical skills might be disappointed. Most of our staff are not familiar with English so if you do not speak Tamil then it might be a bit difficult having in depth conversations (though some students have surprised us and themselves with their instant Tamil and hand gesturing abilities).

Tribal Health Initiative is also a recognised centre for junior doctors who have to serve Rural Bond Schemes from St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore and Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Wardha.

You can use our Facebook page to get in touch with students who have visited THI in the past.

For students from Germany , please see the website and contact former German students by email

Download our medical electives brochure for more information.

Download our application katyafor electives at THI. 

Katya Alpiers from Hanover remarked []

As being part of the THI family it was an unforgettable part I dont want to miss. I am sure that this experience will influence my professional life as a doctor and it has already influenced my way of thinking.”

This is what Christin Haberstroh, from Hamburg, Germany thinks.

“From the very first I IMG_2545felt like part of a highly motivated team that really improves life conditions of the people living in this rural area. To see how the THI team cares about their patients in spite of limited resources, mostly with their personal commitment, was impressive. Back home I think that my time in Sittilingi improves my medical expertise and strengthened my intention of becoming a doctor.”

Lynn Boos, from Freiburg, Germany, is of the opinion :Lynn_web

“Coming to Sittilingi was a life changing experiences.Not only did I gain a lot of new medical skills (the doctors are excellently trained and more then willing to share their expertise), but I also learned about health as a holistic concept, looking at patients as individuals with their own story to be told. I made great friends there, exchanged cultural views, experiences and customs and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be a medical elective at the THI.”

AlbertoZambon Alberto, from Italy, gushes about his experience in Sittilingi

“Meeting wonderful people, getting a taste of an extremely fascinating country and finding a totally new way to look at my medical studies and career… all of this was possible thanks to people working with passion and professionalism in Sittilingi, an environment that I’ll keep in my heart for the rest of my life”

Natasha Hazelgrave, a medical student from the UK has to say…

natasha“The city soundtrack of horns, shouting and touting feels so distant from this small hospital complex nestled in the hills. Working on the wards, in the outpatient department and the operating theatre I have witnessed the management of conditions that I have never seen in the UK, as well as common medical problems.

More importantly, my experience has developed my clinical skills. Without the aid of sophisticated tests and scans that we have become so reliant on in the UK, the art of history taking and clinical examination has never been more important, as well as communicating effectively with patients and their families. Moreover, every patient must be viewed through their own individual family and social situation, as well as their values and beliefs.”