We are accredited  by the Credibility Alliance [certificate CA/28/2014] for accounting transparency and good work culture.

Board of Trustees
Dr. Regi M George
Dr. Lalitha Regi
Prof. M Ravindran
Dr. Sara Bhattacharji
Dr. Sukanya Rangamani
Dr. Guru Nagarajan
Ms. Radhika Ramohan

The Board of Trustees meet twice a year to discuss policies and major projects. The Executive Committee, consisting of 3 trustees, meet once in 3 months to review work and take decisions. A Working Committee consisting of 7 Staff members, meet every month to take day to day decisions on work. Full Staff meetings are held every month to review work and plan ahead.

Team THI
6 Doctors                              30 Nursing Staff
7 Admin staff                      6 Community Workers
6 Para-medical staff           25 Health auxiliaries

Highest salary – Rs. 55141/- [senior doctor]; Lowest salary – Rs.6000 [fresh appointee].
Dr. Regi and Dr. Lalitha were paid Rs 6.61 lakhs each in the last financial year for professional services rendered.

International Travel 2016 – ’17 – Nil;  Domestic Air travel for 2016-’17 -Nil

Our summarized accounts can be viewed here For more detailed accounts please feel free to contact us.

Auditor : Mr. K. Shivakumar, Gandhigram, TN 624302: Mr. Rajnikanth, Salem 636007

Bankers : State Bank of India, Kotapatty [6244] & ICICI, Salem

As per Government of India regulations the foreign contribution accounts for the year 2015-’16 can be viewed here.  You can also view the last quarter foreign contributions here.

Please click Statistics 2016-’17 and Accounts 2016-’17 to see our latest update.