Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

Sittilingi is also home to some other initiatives started by friends and incubated under THI. They are now independent but we all have the common agenda of improving the lives of the Malevasis in this valley.

thulir1Educational Initiative:

Architect couple, Krishna and Anuradha, have been ithulir2n Sittilingi for the past 10 years. They run an educational resource centre for the tribal children of the surrounding villages. The main activity is in the evenings, when the tribal children throng the centre, hungry to lap up the knowledge and the facilities which the local schools fail to provide. Read more about it at their website thulir.org

Technology Initiative :

Engitti1neer Ramsubramoniam, under the guidance of Prof. M tti2Ravindran (Retd. Founder Director of the National Institute of Ocean Technology), has set up a Technology Centre where the aim is to train local tribal boys and girls in the trades like welding, plumbing, electrical work and furniture making. Due to lack of funding for training, the four tribal staff employed now take up local work and have made themselves a self-sustaining unit.