Run, cheer, show you care!

Remember the days of your childhood when you ran across green fields and wide roads, the poetic wind in your hair and a spring of joy in your steps? You run for fun. And then there are times when you run for a cause. As Bangalore will this weekend. There is a 10K Marathon being […]

A New Initiative in the Pipeline!

A week or two ago, I sat down to research an article on old age and its associated medical, economical and social problems. There are loneliness and security issues and then there are monetary troubles. While talking to a doctor from a medical trust, there came up in conversation mental health among the elderly. She […]

Some Music, Some Dancing at Sittilingi

A couple of months ago, I read Murugan’s Facebook status updates with increasing curiosity. Murugan is one of the program managers at THI and works in the craft and farming initiatives. His updates were about dancing and practicing for theatre. I didn’t immediately see the connection between livelihood promotion among the tribals and some dancing. […]

The THI Story, in Another Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Aarti from Sattva, a Bangalore-based media, research and consulting company to write the THI story, highlighting the health model that we adopt. It was for a new e-mag with a focus on social protection and the development sector that they were launching. I found it extremely hard […]

Old Age Scheme Sees Stupendous Success

Eighteen years after we had started Tribal Health Initiative, we had thought that we had seen and met most tribals in the area. But when the registrations opened for the Old Age Health Insurance Scheme, we saw several new faces among the 502 old tribals whose names went on our list. Of these, 196 were […]

Some Visions Old, Some Challenges New

What does it take for a community to walk the way forward, in spite of all its traditional restraints and cultural obligations? When do you move on from one milestone to the next one? Honestly? I don’t know. But over a conversation with G the other day, I wondered whether vision and acceptance at various […]

A Double-edged Sword Called Women’s Empowerment

Things were quiet around the hospital when I was there during Pongal festival; most people were on leave. It gave me a chance to go about my business of thinking and observing the people, more so the women who worked at THI. Life was so not easy for them; not that it is for women […]

It’s Quite a Small World

Most of my encounters seem to happen at the bus stop when I am on my way back to Bangalore from Sittilingi. One day, the sun was right above our heads, burning down and off the asphalt. There was an old woman sitting in the bus stop, if I remember right, she was there for […]

You Are Never Too Young to Marry Here!

Every time I go to Sittilingi, there is a lot of work that I try to finish in the 3-4 days that I am there. But the last time around, it was the beautiful festival of Pongal and I spent my days there walking around the villages and skipping across farms into houses to eat […]

Pongal with the tribe

The din. That is the only way I could best describe the city I live in. My friends think I head to the jungles every time I come here; and I let them think so and be suitably envious! It’s not quite the jungle, but Sittilingi does have a lot of the flora and fauna, […]