Overheard at the ‘Haaspital’

There are three out-patient days at the base hospital every week. Depending on the season and the time of the year, there are as many as 200+ people who come in with a wide range of complaints. Some days are so busy that a person would wait as much as six hours before either Gi […]

THI Newsletter – December 2010

A record number of patients in our OP clinic, a new government funded scheme subsidising health care for all tribals, a snake in the OT, craft exhibition in Goa and Chennai and a completed Technology Centre. Find out what THI has been up to in the December 2010 issue of our newsletter.

One Afternoon at the THI Bus Stop, a Little Story

The day I was returning to Bangalore from one of my visits to Sittilingi, it was raining heavily, to a point that I was thinking cats and dogs and other members of the fauna world might drop down if I stared at the sky long enough. As it happens when the rains come down hard, […]

What Happens in the Hills

The Kalrayan Hills project has been going on from the time I have started coming to Sittilingi. The girls I have befriended here tell me about the hills and needless to say, I am intrigued. One Monday afternoon, after the usual one train and two buses journey from Bangalore, I arrive at Tribal Health Initiative. […]

Sittilingi Diary

For the last couple of months Dr. Kaveri Nambisan has been holding fort at THI as Dr. Regi and Dr. Lalitha take off on a well earned break to the Himalayas. Vijay Nambisan, Dr. Kaveri’s husband records some of his experiences in the latest issue of Outlook magazine in Sittilingi Diary.

Dr. Regi featured as an India Today Action Hero

Dr. Regi George was featured as an Action Hero in the July 26th issue of India Today. Read the article here.

THI Annual Report 2009 – 2010

The THI Annual Report for 2009 – 2010 is ready. You can download a copy from the publications page. Some of the highlights of this year have been: Old age health scheme sees 93% registration in 21 villages. Health Auxiliary training and a weekly out patient clinic started in the Kalrayan Hills. New drying yards […]

THI featured in OPEN magazine and Mint

Dr. Regi George and Dr. Lalitha Regi were featured last month in the April issue of OPEN magazine. Read the full story here. This month, THI featured in a story by Mint, one of India’s business newspapers which ran a story on low cost health care in rural India. Read the full story here.

THI Newsletter 2009 – 2010

Our newsletter for the year 2009 – 2010 is ready and has been mailed to all the Friends of Sittilingi. Some of the highlights of the year have been the starting of a weekly OP clinic at Vellimalai , the initiation of a predominantly local staff led training programme for new Health Auxiliaries from remote […]

Porgai and Svad brochures

Brochures for Svad, the Sittilingi brand of organic agricultural produce and Porgai, our brand of traditional Lambadi embroidery are ready. Download a copy from our publications page.